About leolam

About leolam-mindfully curated to connect in meaningful way gift
leolam was inspired by the times we will all endure universally. The fear of doing, saying or giving the right thing during illness and loss, oftentimes hinders us from reaching out to comfort and console our loved ones, friends and colleagues in the times most needed.
The giving of a leolam gift impacts the receiver with compassion, care and the positivity of being heard and acknowledged.  Offering thoughtful emotive touches, as well as some humorous options.
Each leolam gift is elegantly presented with guidance and inspiration supporting the contents unwrapped. Carefully considered items have been mindfully curated to connect in a meaningful way. 
The name leolam derives from our founder's father Leo and mother Lammy, in memory of them both.

The cardinal bird is a symbol of devotion, hope and carries many signs of comfort to all.