When is the right time?

When is the right time?

We are often asked to deliver a leolam gift immediately after the passing of a loved one, friend, or colleague with a great sense of urgency. The intention is kind but oftentimes completely missed or somewhat lost in the flurry of arrangements combined with shock.

Sending a gift within days is thoughtful but it’s quite ok to send it much later when the weeks pass quickly and everyone has returned to their lives.The flowers have been sent, wilted, and disposed of, an entirely new reality is unfolding, requiring support and acknowledgment. A gesture at this time can be far better received letting your loved one know they are still top of mind.

My personal experience with grief showed that gravitating toward connection was far more beneficial than isolation (even though I longed for the latter). I noticed the unique privilege attached to being impacted by others with care and compassion during the most unbearable time.

We are more than aware that a gift will not fix the pain, nothing will. The true gift is that in this life we get to live and give back to others when needed most. Allowing moments to fill someone up with the knowing they have been thought of and considered.

leolam gifts offer a new depth of love and care with items that have been individually curated to offer support, restoration, reflection, and rest. A beautiful gesture to give yearly on an anniversary of passing or just because you want someone to know they are not alone.

There is no time limit on giving as there is no time limit on grieving.