It's ok to laugh

It’s ok to laugh a little…or a lot


There is a curative power that laughter has, some say one of the greatest medical discoveries of our time. A boost in well-being, morale, communication, and overall quality of life.

Several studies have shown that humor, combined with compassion offers a humanizing dimension to health care for both the caregiver and patient.  

A great deal of tension can be released with a good laugh, stress alleviated, and a reduction of embarrassment during uncomfortable situations. Humor provides a balance by providing a fresh perspective and power in a powerless situation.

Knowing your audience is key in choosing comic moments. Our “Running on Empty” gift box is a little taste of humor leolam will continue to introduce.  The right humor at the right time can act as a release valve, allowing a reset and an opportunity to connect.

A smile, chuckle, or good belly laugh is one of the most human interactions that bond and bring us together, not to mention the best medicine.