Everglow- Pet Condolence



The loss of a pet’s unconditional love and connection leaves a void not only in one’s heart but in daily routine. Recovering from pet loss, as in all forms of grief requires support and recognition.

Unfortunately, there can be a lack of understanding when a pet dies. Some people don’t comprehend how central animals can be in people’s lives and few may not get why you’re grieving over “just a pet”. 

A pet is never judgemental, always there waiting for you, offering endless comfort on the worst of days. The daily interaction between humans and pet is constant throughout the years, a solid bond. Friendships may drift and children leave home, but the relationship between pets and humans often transcends other relationships.

Pets become members of the family, with birthdays and milestones that are celebrated. The companionship, acceptance, emotional support, and unconditional love are unreplaceable and require time and understanding to grieve through.

The ritual of lighting a candle can calm the mind with soft notes of palo santo, mint, and eucalyptus, giving way to quiet reflection by candlelight. Our 3-wick 20oz candle is a thoughtful gesture to acknowledge this painful loss and provide a thoughtful way to remember a beloved pet.