A thoughtful alternative to flowers

A thoughtful alternative to flowers,

 The beauty of flowers evokes all kinds of appreciation, however, there is a particular time in life these stunners may not be so welcome. Remember they were grown, plucked, and cut from their natural state only to wilt within days.

A funeral home full of flowers can be overwhelming for the receiver since the person they are for can no longer appreciate them. Someone needs to take those vases and wreaths home as a reminder of the loss and grief their heavy hearts already carry. Of course, flowers provide a brief sojourn of comfort and support, but the task of clean up and disposal has yet another sense of finality.

An aversion to flowers is not the messaging here, but allowing the kindness and support you wish to provide manifest into action with a gift that provides an unforgettable experience can make a very real difference to someone’s day.

So many thoughtfully curated options supplying restoration, rest, and reflection are found with leolam gifts. The quiet act of watching birds and the symbolism they provide. A long soak in a tub with a healing cup of tea. A cozy snuggle into a blanket with an inspirational book. The ritual of lighting a candle each day in memory of a loved one. The sweet ring of a chime close by whilst sitting outdoors.  The act of planting seeds and watching new life appear.

For all the sorrow one endures, larger space has been created to hold more love and joy. The acknowledgment from a group, family, or friend with a leolam gift is far more memorable and sincere than any bloom arrangement will ever be.